Darlene B. Viggiano, Ph.D. (MFT) prepares you for success!



Welcome to my practice, where bio-psychosocial and spiritual development go hand in hand. My tailored focus on mind-body health and the whole person means that every individual can find hope for healing here.

My Practice

I am experienced, skilled, and can work individually with you or together with a loved one to guide you  through your healing journey. Come visit online for a video chat by emailing dbviggiano@gmail.com !

Check out my radio interview: http://allbusinessmediafm.com/archives/dr-darlene-vissiano-11-21-17-marriage-and-family-therapist/


You will have the opportunity to pursue a range of therapeutic activities to complement your main, chosen intervention . My commitment to care ensures that you get the attention you deserve.

I invite you to come visit my practice and learn more about my philosophy for preparing you for health, recovery, and greater success in your work and relationship life.